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Blond Virgin Twinks...We've Seduced

From Boys On The Web

90 Minutes...Mixed Sound

This is a collection of scenes, featuring my favorite blond twinks from throughout the years. Sweet, virgin twinks being seduced by their horny friends. A couple of these boys are ''straight'' making it even naughtier to watch. Each scene is 100% Hardcore, with plenty of ass eating and facial cum shots.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Waif cover-boy Brandon Brooks is ravished by hunk Brant Moore. Seduction is not the word for this one, folks. Brant Moore partakes in everything that young Brandon Brooks has to offer, and takes us along for the ride. And what a ride it is! The oral is absolutely delectable and will make your lips water as you watch Brant feast on Bandon's ripe lips, suck on Brando's long cock, and suck on his virgin, cherry ass. It's Brandon's turn to treat Brant then, and he does so as any good boy would. Brandon tastes every inch of Brant's jock body, giving him a tongue-bath. But Brant's appetite cannot be appeased as he makes a meal out of Brandon's cherry ass. Once the blonde's hole has been lubed with salvia, Brant closes the deal and rams him fat piece of man-meat in little Brandon's tight boypussy. The pain is unbearable but our Brandon is a champion and carries on. Brant then commences to fuck Brandon in every position imaginable, including Reverse Cowgirl and Doggy Style. Brandon finally explodes on his tight tummy and then Brant comes in his chest and face. They end with a sweet kiss.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Poor blond punk-boy Jayden has to share a room with the horny twink Jarett Fox. Jarett quickly get's down to business by waking Jayden up with a blowjob. A shocked straight Jayden pushes him away, but then decides to give in to sins of the flesh. But Jarret is gentle as he assures him everything will be all right -- right before he teaches him how to suck cock. With Jarret's fat rod you got to be a fast-learner or you chock, literally. Our Jaden gives it all he has and doesn't disappoint. After learning how to suck cock Jayden learns how to get on his back and take it like a little bitch. Jarett wipes the floor clean with him like a rag as he fucks this punk every all over the room. It's amazing to watch Jayden's small tiny bottom take the magnitude of Jarett Fox's Midwestern white boy, fat cock. Jayden busts a nut while being butt-fucked by Jarett. Jarett then pulls out and gives Jayden a wet, facial.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

This one features the amazing super-sized penis of Casey Wood. This is absolutely one of the biggest and fattest dicks you will ever see folks, no kidding. There are very few people who can bottom for Casey, but we found one in Todd Hunter. Todd is just lying there sunbathing, minding his own business, when he is seduced by the horse-hung Wood. Casey is quickly sitting on Todd, giving him a deep message with a happy ending. Todd then goes down on Casey's redwood and manages to deep-throat it pretty well, accommodating Casey's titanic man-meat down his hungry throat. After spitting into his asshole and getting it all nice and wet, Casey rams his fat cock into Todd, making him take the anaconda. Todd is a puppet as Casey fucks him in every position under the sun. But Casey's a nice guy and lets Todd give him a facial. He gives Todd a wet facial in return.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

This Arian gem features three German twinks in a sex room of sorts having a hot three-way which is being orchestrated by a creepy guard. Some ass-eating starts them off, the three mates tasting one another s cherry assholes. The runt of the litter, Remi the virgin, winds up becoming the bitch for the other two blond youths. Matt and Tristan violate his mouth with their giant white-boy cocks. Then they lock poor Remi in a cage and don't let him play. But soon Remi is thrown to the dirty floor and fucked by Matt and Tristan. They take turns ramming his tight bubble butt till he can't take anymore. But Remi's butt is hungry for white cock and welcomes them on all-fours and on his back. Remi comes on Matt while the other two shoot on Remi's callow face.

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

This sweet, cumming-of-age scene features two classic twinks with long, lean bodies and big, fat cocks. It's a lazy summer afternoon and the two 18-year-olds are bored home alone. So Jarett decides to introduce shy Damian to cock-sucking, ass-eating, and butt-fucking. First Jarett is a good sport and gives Damian a good-fashioned cock sucking. Damian is huge for a young twink, so Jarett has one heck of a time with his roaring ramrod. But Damian returns the favor, sucking Jarett's thick cock and eating his sweaty jock ass. Jarett is gentle as he pops Damian's cherry, but then butt-fucks him in a frenzy, pounding his lily white ass. After fucking him good, Jarett gives Damian a splashy facial as Damian shoots all over himself.

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Blond Virgin Twinks...We've Seduced

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