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Sammy Case Superstar

A Boys On The Web Presentation

2006 GayVN Award Nominee

87 Minutes...Mixed Sound

New Lower Price

Producer's Note:This divine cherub boy is one of the stars of the Colt Studios hit ''BuckleRoos'' and their first twink ever. Meet Allboy Magazine cover-model Sammy Case. He's one of the most downloaded twinks on the web, not to mention the most popular model ever on Badpuppy. and Boys On The Web. You've seen his smooth, callow form grace the covers of major national magazines, now see Sammy Case like never before: raw, raunchy, tribal and unrehearsed. These are the first images ever captured of Sammy on video.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

We meet Sammy Case in an unrehearsed, no-holds-barred interview conducted in a message parlor bathroom. In this hilarious exchange, a gleeful Sammy shares with us his first sexual experience, his likes and dislikes, and a few surprises. The rambunctious Sammy is full of energy as he jokes around and then starts jacking off. He then leads us to the bedroom where the lad continues to choke his chicken for us. Sammy shoots a hefty load on his tummy and then waves a fond adieu to his fans.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Behind The Scenes At Photo-Shoots Part One. This is your backstage pass to three of Sammy's most infamous photo-shoots. Watch the mischievous imp trade retorts with his sarcastic photographer as he jacks off by the fireplace, poolside and with a double-headed dildo up his ass. The photographer drops to his knees, going down on Sammy by the fireplace. Sammy uses a water hose to pleasure himself by the pool. Lastly, Sammy is simply supple and limber as he shoves the dildo in and out of his asshole with his legs in the air. Watching Sammy fuck himself with the huge dildo is worth the price of this film alone!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

This scene is absolutely hypnotic to watch. We are in Sammy's penthouse apartment overlooking the Miami skyline. It is dawn and Sammy just got back from a night of stripping at The Boardwalk Bar and partying. Alas, he is alone and horny, so the resourceful boy has to take matters into his own hands. Lucky for us because we are his sex partner as he makes love to us all. With beautiful shots of Sammy's pouty lips, callow smooth body and milky white thighs, this scene is sure to please. Sammy contorts his lithe body into every position imaginable as he jacks off to a creamy orgasm.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Behind The Scenes At Photo-Shoots Part Two. More unadulterated fun during the making of two of Sammy's most memorable photo shoots. In the first shoot Sammy is clad in just a skimpy loincloth as Jungle Boy. Watch him swing through trees and hang upside-down like a cheeky monkey. It's back to nature as Sammy spanks is monkey in the great outdoors. Ongowa! The second shoot contains more wacky mayhem as Sammy tries to keep a straight face dressed as a preppy schoolboy in the library. His mischievous grin shines through in the end when Sammy gets the giggles and starts quoting Gary Coleman: ''What you talking bout, Willis?'' The library was never this much fun!

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

This fuck scene is very rare in adult videos. Unlike most contrived boy/boy scenes where the models are clearly not attracted to each other, this passionate scene is on fire. You can immediately tell that these two randy boys are into each other. They are hot, they are horny and they want to fuck. It begins with Danny Boy Bigg dragging Sammy in on a leash. It seems that straight Danny, a ghetto punk, caught Sammy hiding in his school locker again and this time he's doing something about it. Danny's attitude is rough, barking orders at his new, scared sex slave. First he makes Sammy dance a striptease for him. Sammy then mounts Danny when the striptease turns into a lap dance. Danny throws Sammy off him and makes him undress him. Once naked, lust takes over and these two perfect specimens of boyhood make love. They start with a severe French-kissing session. This leads to oral pleasure as Danny violates Sammy's little mouth with his huge, fat cock. We see Danny's point of view while poor little Sammy chokes on his monster cock. But Sammy is enjoying it like the true nympho-boy he is. Danny then gets on all fours and makes Sammy suck his asshole. Sammy is a sloppy, noisy eater: licking, lapping and sucking as Danny makes guttural noises. Danny then throws Sammy to the ground and sits on his tender face. Sammy sucks some more ass then goes back to his favorite pastime, sucking big dick. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Danny's stepdaddy comes home and catches the two naughty youths. Stepdaddy Bigg quickly goes to work sucking Sammy's pink hole while Sammy goes down on his stepson. They have lost all decorum by now. Stepdaddy Bigg watches from the sidelines as Danny rams his enormous anaconda into Sammy's tight boypussy. Pop goes the cherry and Danny fucks the shit out of Sammy boy. After giving his ass a good pounding, Danny explodes, covering Sammy with his scolding jism. Sammy uses Danny's cum as lube and quickly cums himself. The boys are spent as Step daddy Bigg makes them go hit the showers. If this scene does not send you into multiple orgasms then you are dead.

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Sammy Case Superstar

All Region DVD-R for $19.95
All Region DVD+R for $19.95

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