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Barely 18

Chris and Ryan

18yo Chris moved to the ''Big City'' from a little Podunk town in Carolina looking for adventure. He was a randy young man and loved getting laid and showing off every chance he got. The older and more experienced Ryan was quick to latch onto this little fireball. Ryan finds Chris napping and wakes him up with a hug and a blowjob. Chris, horny as ever, moves them into a 69 with him on top where he can suck on Ryan's balls and cock. There's nothing like pumping a hot 18yo ass and Ryan loves the feel of Chris’ tight ass around his cock. Ryan guides Chris as he tops for the first time and Ryan finds that young Chris can deliver a great fuck. The 18-year-old spunks off on the side of Ryan's face and then gets Ryan's cum on his own face.

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Fresh out of high school, Roy has just turned eighteen and the first thing he did was live out a fantasy by shooting an amateur porno tape. This blond young man strips down to reveal his slender, almost skinny body and show that he's a natural blond. Like most young guys, Roy's balls hang low…heavy with cum ready to shoot. For a straight guy, Roy has the cutest, smoothest little butt on the planet. He pops in a straight video to watch and his large cock starts to swell all by itself. The urge to fuck comes naturally and Roy humps the bed as proof. Roy rolls over and pumps his cock to a spurting climax that pools on his milk-white tummy.

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Cory and Taylor

18yo Cory and 23yo Taylor are boyfriends and are here to have a little fun. They jerk their cocks and talk about their sexual youth. Taylor started in his youth with touchy-feely stuff and one thing led to another. Cory started in Boy Scout summer camp with truth or dare games and strip poker. They move to the bed for some deep kissing while they stroke themselves, and each other, to climax.

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Chris and Gavin

Young Chris (remember the first session on this tape?) is back again and this time he's with an equally hot 19yo named Gavin. After getting his own cock licked and sucked by Gavin, Chris returns the favor by swallowing Gavin's thick dick and fingering his asshole. Chris wants to get fucked again, so he slides a rubber onto Gavin's cock then throws his legs into the air so that Gavin can pumps his butt good. Then the boys turn the tables and Gavin sits down on Chris' cock for a deep ride. Gavin is a twitching mass of orgasmic pleasure as he shoots off onto Chris' face before they swap places again, and this time Gavin gets a face full of cum as Chris unloads his hot young cock.

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This smooth, eighteen year old Navy recruit looks like he's a shy young man, but he's not. Gabriel likes to be the center of attention. He enjoys having sex in public places, showers on board ship or in bathrooms in the bars. Exhibitionism and a little bit of risk really get him off. When it comes, Gabriel's load oozes out like hot lava covering his cock and fist.

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Our cameraman ran into this cute 18yo in a fast food joint. Later, Josh called in for an interview. He's a little goofy acting, as any young guy can be, but that just adds to his charm. Josh has bright eyes, the tiniest of mustaches and a pretty pink cock that gets hard fast and tents out his shorts until he pulls them down to let it loose. Josh shows off his young body from every angle, and really enjoys showing off and jerking his dick. It's been a couple of weeks since he last shot off, so when he cums it's a big blast that spurts like a geyser.

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Barely 18

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