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Best Of Big Red Curtain Boys
The Early Years

Big Red Curtain Boys is a completion of our first years of filming. It is composed of excerpts from scenes of our early boys. There are 18 different Boys each in their own solo scene contained in this film. With that many boys playing with their toys it is bound to make you want to join in on the cum filled fun.

First up is Hypnotic who sits in a chair and plays with his long member which is nestled in a blond nest of pubic hair when he releases his load it covers his chest in a sticky white explosion.
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Jesse has an innocent smile that makes you want to take him home with you. And as he strokes that hard piece of meat you realize what you want to do with him when you get him there.
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Matt knows what he likes. Being naked on film while he jacks off comes natural to him and it is a joy to watch him bring his large cock to attention and then pull it till he gets the result that he wants and that you will love seeing.
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Allen has a smooth well built body that is wonderful to watch. He reclines in a chair and strokes his manhood till he blows an enormous load all over that rock hard stomach.
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John reclines in bed and plays with himself making his balls bounce up and down in time with his fist which is full of his own cock. He soon leans forward and blows his nut all over the sheets. Housekeeping!
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Devan looks as though he is a freshman in college. The boy next door with his slightly hairy body takes his nice hard poll and beats it till it delivers an A+ load for your pleasure.
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Joseph woks his large stiff cock like a professional and is soon shooting a nice load of cum all over his hairy chest. The smile at the end of his shoot says it all.
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Joey Jacks off while looking at a magazine. His big balls banging in time to the music that is organ is playing. The cum bath at the end is not to be missed.
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Sam plays with his member while in a love Seat. As His hairy body quivers with joy he abuses himself for your entertainment. He is soon rewarded for his efforts with a handful of his own love juice.
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Jason grabs his balls with one hand as he pulls his cock with the other this two fisted approach soon has him blowing a nut which slides down the shaft of his dick to be used as lube for the next few strokes that bring Jason to the end of his glories climax.
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Chris Has a Swimmers body. His nice lean waist looks great as dose his dick which is just about perfect. Notice the look of ecstasy on his face as he shoots his load all over that belly. Rewind!
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Paper Boy Reclines in a chair with his legs spread wide giving you a great butt shoot as he plays with his cock and balls. He then puts his legs down and braces as he shoots his sticky white load all over his hairy stomach.
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Best Of Big Red Curtain Boys - The Early Years

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