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Stud Files Case #12 - Josh Wood

Welcome. Stud files takes a look at one young male performer per case and fully examines them from two camera angles as they stroke there man hood for you. Each case also includes a photo shoot and photos of the stud for your viewing pleasure. Some are shot outside and include outside extras. Others are shot inside and include shower scenes. Enjoy Our Newest Stud. We did!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

In this our 12th installment of stud files we reexamine the case of Josh wood. This boy was so good the first time we decided to give him another look. We begin our study with Josh in a new way we hand him a camera and tell him to have fun then we leave the room. After he gets used to holding the camera he starts to work on his cock. This boy knows how to please himself and you also. As he dose he gives us some real close up shots of him masturbating. The hand held camera really gets you into the action. Josh soon is ready for that sweat release and the camera dose not miss one drop of the action as he climaxes. Shot like a pro and the camera work isn't bad either.
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amateur homemade porn

Amateur Video Scene 2:

As is our way we always have another camera for stud files because as the saying goes two is always better than one. And this time that camera is a stationary one which gives you a wide view of all the action on the bed as Josh works his magic. We get to see this boy's true talent as one hand works the camera and the other works the man great job from both. Just imagine what he could do with another hand! Any volunteers?
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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Joshes talents are many as we discovered in our first video when after just a few minutes he was ready to go again, and true to form after a very short break he hopped up on the bathroom vanity and proceeded to stroke his already hard member to another wonderful conclusion. Satisfying both himself and anyone else who was watching.

Camera two was there this time as well and you get some really nice close ups of his great body as he puts it to work for you. The second time around proves just as fruitful as the first and soon he fills his hand full of his own man juice. He then holds it out for the camera with a grin on his face that says look I made a mess, and I liked it. Oh ya you will to.

We next see Josh as he takes a shower. This boy is really cute and well put together nice legs and butt. He looks good all wet. And we just don't want him to stop.

So we put him in again just because we can. And he does not disappoint. Wet or dry this boy is fine, and we like watching him do what he dose. YUM, YUM.
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amateur homemade porn

Amateur Video Scene 4:

The photo shoot was done outside in the great northwest. With all its natural wonders and Josh fits right in with his hard body as he poses for our camera he shows tight chest and his great muscles. The photos are included as always and these are exceptional josh was a true gentleman to work with and it shows in his film and pictures. We can't wait to work with him again and see if we can get him to go a little further. As always we hope you enjoy Stud Files Case #12 - Josh Wood and look forward to bringing you more great young men in the very near future.
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Stud Files Case #12 - Josh Wood

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