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Bubble Gum Amateurs #25

A Bubble Gum Amateurs Production

54 Minutes...Live Sound

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Today is hand job day and I am going to get 2 from Erika and 2 from Gina. Let's start with Erika. She is a black girl, very thin with huge tits. She has long hair and very fun and playful in the way she acts. She grabs some lube and gets right to work making my dick hard. I have her straddle me and notice that he dark nips are hard as hell. She rocks her hips back and forth while jerking me off. She's moaning and talking to me the entire time while she is getting me off. She rubs my dick all over her tits and nipples and it's not long before I explode all over those natural beauties.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Second hand job from Erika and she has on a white one-piece negligee. She bee-bops around for a minute or two, lubes her hands up nice and good then wakes my pecker up. Some nice close shots of her long hair brushing my thigh as she strokes me. I can't keep my hands off those black tits and find myself touching them and pinching her nipples constantly. She straddles me again and works that black ass, grinding away at me while jerking me off. She gets me nice and hard, jerks me between those lovely tits and bam, I cum all over them again.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Next is Gina and she has got her work cut out for her. I had two hand jobs the day before so she is going to have to work to get me off two more times. Gina looks Spanish and comes out in a black fishnet outfit with huge, perfectly round tits. She has an awesome body and long hair. I tell her I want a sloppy hand job and she smiles. She loads her hands up with Vaseline and the fun starts. She holds my balls with one hand while jerking me with the other. I reach over and play with her tits for a bit, pulling them out of her top. They are huge and hang perfect. She strokes me from a few different positions, letting her hair fall between my legs. I stand up and let her kneel on the bed. She uses more Vaseline and keeps up the stroking. She has a very serious look on her face while she is stroking my dick. She grabs it with two hands and starts working it. She smiles just a little bit at me as I cum all over her tits. Very nice.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Next she has her hair kind of pulled back and puts on a white bra and panty set. I hold on to one of her tits as she works my cock again. She is very pretty with long, thin legs. Some nice close shots of her two-handing my cock. Her titties bounce just a little while she works. I pull her bra strap off of her shoulder to let her nipple show and its all I can take. I cream all down my cock and her hand.

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Bubble Gum Amateurs #25

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