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Super Teens #1

Producer's Note: The first video in the "soon to come" series. All the girls in this porn series are really barely legal and they are all really hot, so enjoy the Super Legal Teens.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Missy propositions Simon to have him fuck her tits and suck his cock, and of course he says yes, who wouldn't? She then rolls over and starts to suck his dick like a vacuum cleaner on steroids taking the huge cock and deep throating it several times, very impressive! Missy gives some good stares into the camera while she bobs Simon's knob. Soon after Missy gets on top of Simon and lets him stroke her pussy with his cock. Simon then flips Missy on her back and finally gets to fuck her big natural tits. Missy can't seem to get enough of it as she moans with pleasure. After a thorough tit-fucking Missy gets on her knees and gives Simon one hell of a BJ. She dares him to cum all over her and then he unloads his wad all over her pretty little face and tits.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Nadia is now in front of the camera; she talks a little about how she's a college student and what not. She starts to dance erotically for the camera Las Vegas Style shoving her ass and tits into the camera. When she is finished she mounts Simon's cock and starts rubbing up and down against it. As she's doing this Simon smacks her ass over and over for the camera. Nadia then begins to do a little lap dancing with her lips on his cock. Nadia lets him grab her by the pigtails while she continues to suck cock and urge him on in Spanish. You will never see anyone suck dick like Nadia, she goes at it for a while with nothing but the best techniques. She does it hard, she does it fast, she does it right! She continues to go at it when he finally cums all over her, but she continues to stroke it and get all that nut out.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Enter Claire. She is here to audition for a porn role; the scene was so good that it just had to go in the Super Teens series. She's young, cute and she s a natural from Tampa Florida. She first has to show her goods for the camera, revealing her 32 D's and tight ass. Her specialty is being a dirty bitch and taking it up the ass. She begins her audition by sucking some cock and struggles a bit when she realizes it is bigger than she thought it would be. However, her skills come through as she is able to deep throat his huge cock proving that she can handle a big one. Next, she grabs her 32 D's and lets him tit fuck her good. After this she goes back to sucking cock and admits that she is a dirty slut. She slaps Simon's cock all over her face and tongue, then Simon slaps it on her pussy, then if that weren't enough slapping, he spanks her and grabs her ass HARD, and slaps his cock on her asshole. Claire gets tired of messing around and sticks his dick right back in her mouth. Simon can barely hold it in and just about blows it all over her, but he is able to hang in a few more minutes. All this head becomes too much for Simon because he shoots his load all in Claire s mouth and breathes a sigh of relief. Claire is in desperate need of a towel, she cleans up and starts playing with herself, but she needs a cock to satisfy her. Simon is happy to get his pole wet once again. She bobs and weaves her mouth up and down, then Simon fucks her tits a bit. She slaps the dick against her tongue and the dick explodes all in her mouth. She sucks it clean and the scene ends.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Wow, Britney is hot! She starts off by saying how bad she wants the cum all over her face, mouth and hair, she wants a mess and she wants to swallow it! She wastes no time at all and gets down to business, jumpstarting Simon's dick in an instant. She says how she loves the dick in her mouth and she's not lying! She says she has to make sure she gets everything and licks Simon's balls as if they were covered in chocolate. All this BJ action is great but Britney's body should be used every which way possible, so she rides Simon's cock facing forward and facing backwards. Simon is overwhelmed as much as anyone would be with a hot piece of ass like Britney, so he pulls out and cums all over her ass. But Britney isn't done yet, she fucks him some more them sucks him non-stop for 10mins! Hang in there Simon. He finally blows his load all in her mouth and she isn't afraid to lick the rest off his cock to make sure the job is done right, what a trooper.

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Super Teens #1

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