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Polish Pussy #2

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Lia is a girl for all you guys who like a bit more meat on their Polish sausage. Curvy and very dirty I couldn't wait to cum all over her lovely big tits....and when I did there was gallons of it. We start off with a basic lesson in essential Polish, including ''Take off your clothes'', ''Suck my cock'' and ''Let's Fuck!'', all very useful if you plan to visit Poland in the future. Amazingly, she understood my lousy Polish accent and did exactly as she was told!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

The sexy star of Polish Pussy #1, Evie, is back again - this time indulging in a little solo action on a Sunday morning. Waking as horny as hell she uses her pink dildo and fingers to give herself a mind-blowing orgasm, then goes back to sleep. Lazy Polish Bitch! This girl is so hot I swear it took all my willpower not to stick the camera on a tripod and turn this solo effort into a boy/ girl fuck fest. Good job I'm such a pro.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Michelle is our Polish girl with the perfect body, as you can see by the screen-shots, also shown to great effect in Polish Pussy #1. In this scene she gets hold of my 'not-so-perfect' body and sucks my cock until I spurt over her grade A tits. This girl also claims to be a beginner at this lark but the looks she gives the camera makes me think she's been practicing in front of a mirror. Either that, or she is lying her pert little Polish bum off.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Another class solo scene with the lovely, honey-haired Claudia. This 23 year old Polish sweetie claimed she had never performed in front of a camera before. Yeah right! She may be no video pro but she's an expert in using her dildo to pleasure herself. If this is what she is like in her first shoot just wait till she gets warmed up!

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

OK guys. Concentrate now. What could be better than a red-hot Polish girl sucking on your cock? That's right, you guessed it...TWO red-hot Polish girls sucking on your cock! The stunning Evie is joined by sexy Jessica to prove it. I came so hard I hit a load in poor Evie's eye and she was blind for hours......don't panic. She forgave me and will be back in Polish Pussy #3.

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Polish Pussy #2

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