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Dude! Where's My Blow Job?

Howdy Ya'll...this is The Colonel here, and I'm happy to say that I had some groovy new finds for this video and I'm sure you'll enjoy my new boys as much as I did!

Brandon and Little Bobby:

Little Bobby has always found older guys to be exciting and whenever he has a chance to go down on one he jumps at the opportunity. Brandon likes his guys young and lithe and Little Bobby, just eighteen and with hardly any body hair at all, is just right. As the session starts, Little Bobby removes Brandon's pants and falls to his knees to service the big guy's cock. Brandon grabs the back of Little Bobby's head and forces his hard fat cock deeper into Little Bobby's sucking mouth. Little Bobby fingers Brandon's ass and licks his balls then goes lower to eat Brandon's hole. They change positions and Brandon face fucks the youth's mouth hard and fast. Finally, Brandon can't take any more and blasts a huge load of cum all over Little Bobby's face.
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Brandon and David:

Brandon was stuck in Seattle; broke, nearly homeless, and out of options. He called about our modeling ad but said he wouldn't do any gay we turned him down. Two days later he called back and well…just see for yourself. Brandon is lying back and getting a nice slow blowjob from David, a talented young dude. Brandon is hard as a problems doing gay stuff now; though the director does have to tell him how to tell David what he wants. It's not easy for Brandon to actually ASK for gay sex and he never really manages it well...poor straight inhibited. David blows him, licks him, rims him, and gets face fucked, too, before getting his face splattered by Brandon's first gay load.
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Blond hair and green eyes make for a seductive look in this 19 year old stud. The money and the excitement motivate him. He talks a little about his bisexuality and his youthful sex-capades (three-ways) and he says he's still single. The Colonel has Josh strip down to his boxers and soon those drop to reveal a smooth body and a hefty uncut cock swinging between his legs. With a remote in one hand and his cock in the other, Josh is soon boned up and jacking. When it comes, Josh's climax sends four or five jets of cum into the air.

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Josh and Little Bobby:

This session is subtitled: ''Big Dick, Little Mouth'', and that certainly seems appropriate; thanks to Josh's big uncut cock and Little Bobby's petit stature. Bobby starts off the session kneeling at Josh's feet and bobbing up and down on his hard uncut prick. They then move to the bed for more fun. Josh's hand on the back of Little Bobby's head keeps the eighteen year old cock sucker from getting away, then Josh sets him free so he can lick Josh's asshole. Little Bobby can't get enough of Josh's long cock, though, and soon his lips are once again wrapped around Josh's pole. There's more butt licking, more cock sucking and a cum shot finale' that leaves Little Bobby's face a cum-covered mess that just has to be seen to be believed.

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Dude! Where's My Blow Job?

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